Examples of Occupations we report on:

  • Sports professionals – cricket, golf, tennis, football (soccer, rugby league and union).
  • Media professionals – voice over artists, sound engineers, stage/set managers, production managers, directors, property masters, writers, journalists.
  • Medical and health professionals – dentists, psychiatrists, GPs, consultants, radiographers, psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses.
  • City and financial careers – fund managers, brokers, traders, actuaries, banking operations, accountants.
  • Company directors up to FTSE 100 board level.
  • Teaching and academic research.
  • Lawyers – solicitors, barristers, legal executives etc.
  • Engineers – mechanical, civil, electrical, nuclear etc.
  • Armed Forces and merchant navy
  • Civilian pilots – airline and helicopter
  • Police, fire, ambulance etc.
  • Construction trades and professions.
  • Oil and gas workers; divers.

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